So im am sat in a small pub in frampton drinking spitfire and watching my dads friends play skittles, yes this is the perfect way to relax when you have been living in swindon but the problem is my dissertation. You must of read it a thousand times on the internet but it is as bad as it seems. Im writing about the evolution of the rock poster , its great. No really. I have written about the beetles and the animals bob dylan to name but a few. I just find it really hard to progress . Luckly my girlfriend is kind enough to help me make sense of it i just have to get the bulk of it to progress it is lame but thank you katherine , i love you. What else has happened? I moved home this week to tackle this issue but i ended up buying more mods for my focus. That wil be a long lasting thing. On top of my dis i have a tee to complete for drag the lake and the cd art work for something for some one which i want to do my best with, but just find it hard to concentrate. I should have it up by thursday latest so that will be another weight off my mind. Dont worry world . Thanks for reading this my sketches are up at www.joseph-carpenter.co.uk so please check that and please please subscribe to this blog :-) joe

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