Sharpie Interview

Sharpie Interview
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I've recently been interview by sharpie about my work, please take a look!



What else are friends for!

Had to do a little poster for a friends show next month, i had a couple of days off this week as i had described in my previous post..... something funny in the air here strange drawings and strange typography .... ah well.

one thing i really must do is design some more back drops i keep using these!!!!



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Well..... This weekend im in Falmouth, its pretty awesome generally because i get to see the home (xbox/guitar/films). I posted out on my facebook asking what people wanted to see and so i'm working through a few requests. I won't do another one until later this week because i have a poster to do for my boys in Evita.

Speak soons




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my obsession with birds has no end… a frequent flyer in my work and it’s back…. this was sort of an accumulation of lunch times but I finished it off today…. not sure what’s next we shaaaalllll seeeee!


Spring Offensive reworking

I guess i’ve been working on and off since christmas, this project has taken up most of my time. It’s a reworking of the artwork i created last year, but being re-released state side…. its not very often you get a second shot at artwork so i did everything i could to turn it into what i wanted.

check out spring offensive as i’m fairly sure they will show there potential at some point this year.


winters coming.......

winter owl
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Good evening all,

If anyone was wondering where i'd gotten to then hopefully this blog will explain all! I took it upon myself to take some time out from illustration as i felt things were getting a little bit stale and my work wasn't really going in the direction i had once hoped. This was mainly down to a portfolio of work that i was confident in at the age of 20 but four years on i don't feel its relevant to me and it certainly doesn't represent me.

So although brief i hope that explains things to a certain extent, please now turn your attention to my latest bit of work. This is not a commission but instead a personal piece. I will continue to produce these over the next few months in an effort to create a portfolio that i am once again proud of.

All feed back welcome as usual, i hope you enjoy this piece.



You me , them, us , it, the was

You me at six
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Hello everyone,

what's happen'd recently? well i've been working on some pretty cool projects actually..... this is the first of a you me at six shirt set that i'm working on hopefully should have an update on the rest shortly along with a couple of other bands hopefully.

This one was loosely based on the album by these guys and just escalated from there really, chiller.

anyways more soon



Zebrahead shirt threeeee

Been a while since i updated but i got alot going on this is probably most current, finished the spring offensive album last week and ill chuck that up when it goes to printing.

more soon



Screen Printing with Bingle

J.Bingle has moved from leeds to stroud, i had this shirt design on my USB and decided to print some custom stuff, ZH have the official Tees but these are super limited. 6 in the world and 1 is already gone.

Let me know what ya think



Spring offensive final

Spring offensive final
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This isnt actually finished, like full thing but this is the cover so i can post this as Matt is fine with it.

Its quite hard to explain the direction of this because you need to hear the CD which you can, when its out!

not got much else going on aside from this but thats likely to change.

hope everyone is well!