I cann'eee do it Capatin


its been some time since i have properly posted, things are moving quite fast i cant even fathom that we are almost in June. Seriously where the hell did the year go? I'm going to visit Boston in August have a proper look around!

In terms of work, i have a few things that ive got going .....

currently sorting a shirt for plague of ashitaka, another one on the way for through solace and under Z.I.D we are hopefully creating a set of T-shirts for Zebrahead.

im sure there are other bits and bobs but thats like current "work"

Now for something slightly interesting i suppose the work i posted before was an illustration by Iain MacArthur i have been working with him to create the Art work for EVITA, its all finished now and alot of it can be seen on evita's myspace www.myspace.com/evitaband. I coloured it all and did the layout/graphics .

Its out July 13th and is bloody brilliant!

what else is going on?

I'm selling my BMX, i broke my ST and need to replace the clutch, well pay for the what i have replaced. Its on ebay so message me and ill give you a link. Really busy at work but met yet more cool people the creator of THE IRON MAN, did the wood cut style illustrations and also IRON WOMAN. Did some table matts for Kieth Allen umm yeah thats about it i suppose.

Go see star trek before its to late

Live long and prosper :)


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